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sfGirl.com was the popular go to website for technology professionals in the late 90s and early 2000s. The site was founded by Patty Beron and sustained by the efforts of a wonderful team of writers, event contributors and of course the beautiful sfGirls who were probably the best party promoters ever.

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Retro San Francisco Dot.Com Party Photos

The sfGirl.com calling card: The always promoting sfGirls never left home without their business cards. Often handing out hundreds a night.
sfgirl pink slip party
Hire Me: You're never fully dressed without your name tag at an sfGirl.com Pink Slip Party. Some people got creative ...
ecompany dot com party
eCompany: The eCompany Launch Party was held at Pac Bell Park and the band ... Bare Naked Ladies!
Industry Standard
Industry Standard: The Industry Standard threw dot com parties early and often. This party was at the Backflip, a restaurant attached to the retro boutique Hotel Phoenix.
Oh Bartender: I think my drink is broken ...
Internet Party
MyFamily.com: Another weekday, another party.
FAO Schwarz JGuru
JGuru: Besides top shelf cocktails and delicious bites, this party at FAO Schwarz brought out the kid in everyone!