Welcome to sfGirl.com - RE-LAUNCHING December 2017! New Website!

sfGirl is on Instagram @sfgirl_official. sfGirl.com was one of the first highly successful and culturally significant online communities established in the San Francisco Bay Area. The community was made up of technology professionals working in the dot com and start up industries. The website was known for its innovative guerrilla marketing campaigns, dot com party listings and reviews, and noteworthy technology recruiting events that drew huge crowds and extensive media coverage.

sfGirl.com was founded by Patty Beron (sfgirl) and supported by the efforts of a wonderful team of writers, event contributors and promoters.

Retro San Francisco Dot Com Party Photos

The sfGirl.com sfGirls: sfGirls at a James Bond Party.
sfgirl pink slip party
Hire Me: You're never fully dressed without your name tag at an sfGirl.com Pink Slip Party. Some people got creative ...
ecompany dot com party
eCompany: The eCompany Launch Party was held at Pac Bell Park and the band ... Bare Naked Ladies!
Industry Standard
Industry Standard: The Industry Standard threw dot com parties early and often. This party was at the Backflip, a restaurant attached to the retro boutique Hotel Phoenix.
Oh Bartender: I think my drink is broken ...
FAO Schwarz JGuru
MyJGuru: Besides top shelf cocktails and delicious bites, this party at FAO Schwarz brought out the kid in everyone!
sfGirl.com: The original sfGirl.com webpage, so 1990s!